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Throughout the presidency of George W. Bush, there was constant speculation as to the role that his father, the former president George H. W. Bush, played in the development of policy. Journalists and pundits alike speculated as to whether or not the father was advising the son as he dealt with a post-9-11 world. Returning to the FFL, our speaker--John Robert Greene, the Paul J. Schupf Professor of History and Humanities at Cazenovia College and a regular panelist on WCNY's "Ivory Tower"--has written several books on both Bush presidencies, and is in the process of writing what will be the first book on the presidency of the younger Bush to use the papers and documents of his presidency, which he has consulted at the Bush Library in Dallas, Texas. Through that research, he has found a fascinating family story--a relationship between father and son that effected the politics and policy for the modern world. it is this relationship that he will discuss in his FFL talk.