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Your girl is a G.I.R.L. -- a Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, and Leader -- and you know it. And you want her to be a part of the largest Girl-led organization in the United States, the Girl Scouts! You know she will be able to make mistakes and try things without fear, better her community, participate in exciting STEM experiments, be an entrepreneur, and learn life skills; you just might not know the best way to make that happen. We can help! Girl Scouts only happens with outstanding leaders like you. You may not feel confident about your ability to lead, however, your Girl does -- and we are your support. This event will answer any questions you might have about becoming a Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader. No troop leader does it alone! A troop has at least two leaders, and can have even more! You are welcome to bring your girl -- there will be some fun crafts for her to participate in while your questions are answered by a member of your local support team at the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways. Feel free to email me, Jillian Kerekes, at with any questions (or allergies). I look forward to meeting you, and starting this adventure.