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Program Type: STEAM/Making

Join us live on Zoom for a fun, hands-on STEAM activity for kids!

This week we'll be testing out some fun kitchen science experiments. Our three experiments will include making our own bubble solution, candy science, and a modified baking soda and vinegar activity. 

If you want to participate with us, please have these supplies ready. 
For the bubble solution: water, granulated sugar, dish soap, and a straw. You may also want something to cover your table or countertop, like a plastic tablecloth, piece of wax paper, etc.
For the candy science: A small plate, candy with a hard, colorful shell such as skittles or M&Ms, and warm water.
For the baking soda & vinger experiment: Baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, a cup or jar, and a shallow pan or container to set the glass in and catch the overflow. Food coloring is optional.

Anyone is welcome to join and follow along with as many or as few experiments as they want, or you can even join just to watch us demonstrate the activities!

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