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Fayetteville Digital Newspaper Archives
Includes digital copies of the following newspapers, ranging from 1840-1941: Weekly Recorder, Fayetteville Bulletin, Eagle Bulletin, Fayetteville Recorder, Onondaga Independent, Fayetteville Luminary, Methodist Reformer, and the Manlius Eagle.

Fayetteville Registry- 1940s
Research project conducted by Edward Hutchison who obtained a copy of the 1942 Fayetteville Directory and tracked down all those listed in the book.  "What follows is the information that has been obtained in the course of this project.  It has been gathered from old newspaper accounts, directories, census records, other governmental records, alumni lists, and, in rare cases, from personal recollections."

Manlius Historical Society
The Manlius Historical Society was founded in 1976.   Although located in the village of Manlius, the society is dedicated to serving the whole town of Manlius. The Manlius Historical Society runs two buildings, the Cheney House Research Center and the Manlius Historical Museum.  The library has over 500 volumes and more than 8,000 documents and photographs related to local history.

Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation
The Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation is dedicated to educating current and future generations about Gageís work and its power to drive contemporary social change.

Matilda Joslyn Gage's Civil War Scrapbook
This digitized scrapbook consists of mid to late 1800s newspaper clippings regarding the Civil War, and includes confederate currency, correspondence, flyers, and more. The creator, Gage, was a well known suffragist, abolitionist, and Native American activist who for many years resided in Fayetteville, NY.

New York Heritage Digital Collections
New York Heritage is a research portal for students, educators, historians, genealogists, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the people, places and institutions of New York State. The site provides free access to more than 170 distinct digital collections, totaling hundreds of thousands of items.

New York History Net
For historians and students of New York history and culture.  Includes links for online resources (i.e. archival repositories, Encyclopedia of New York State, Civil War, Erie Canal.)  See lists of historical organizations and historians of New York State.

Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL) Local History/Genealogy
Genealogy/Family History related links for Onondaga County and New York State. 

Onondaga Historical Association
The purpose of OHA is to educate and encourage the exploration, appreciation, and utilization of the past in order to bring the great stories of Onondaga County's history to a worldwide audience. To do so, we offer engaging exhibits, publications, products, and programs; and we develop and care for definitive collections related to local history.

Town of Manlius Historical Records
Rootsweb site for historical records of the Town of Manlius, NY. This includes records related to businesses, cemeteries, churches, directories, maps, property sales, schools and more