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Course Description: The gift of long life provides us with a personally, unique journey filled with change, opportunity and challenge. What most of us wish for is that we make the journey gracefully. While we have little control over what the aging experience will bring us, we have a great deal of control over what we think and how we choose to respond to each change. Scientists have begun to recognize the healing and health promoting properties of mindfulness. This class will introduce a variety of Zen concepts that can be very useful in supporting a graceful aging experience. These concepts, while spiritual in nature, have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with health and happiness. Using humor, storytelling and simple exercises, this class provides a new take on ancient wisdom as a way to prepare your heart and mind for the journey ahead. Instructor Bio: Peg Miller, LMSW has been a social worker in the Syracuse community for more than 30 years. She teaches classes and leads groups through the Syracuse Jewish Family Service BeWell program (Behavioral and Emotional Wellness Enhances Later Life). She believes that there is only so much wisdom in the world and that wisdom can be accessed thru many traditions and philosophies. Peg finds the language of Zen to be very useful. She is also inspired by many wise individuals including Anne Lamott, Martin Seligman, Brene’ Brown, John O’Donohoe, Yoda and the Rolling Stones – “you (really) can’t always get what you want.” Please register @