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Age: Adults

The theme of this public philosphical discussion is human evolution and the necessary development of the "Human Blossom." It will include your thoughts on the imminent and most important revolution in the history of our species, and that is the revolution between our human agenda to continue to create a human habitat of ever-higher technology, and Nature's perpetual agenda to reclaim the planetary habitat of a harmonious climax wilderness. 

Ecologists, research philosophers, serious thinkers and writers, or anyone interested in this subject area are welcome.

Bio: Paul Hartley is a writer by passion and necessity; a research philosopher by education and practice; a contemplative by nature who was awarded a Ph.D. fellowship in philosophy in order one day to earn his living as a professor; and yet, after the Ph.D., he forsook the life of a professor and instead worked all manner of blue-collar jobs in order to support his research and writing. He is the author of the Seventh Tool.