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Age: Adults
This is the first event of a series.

Caron Grossman is a Registered Nurse, Transitional Life Coach and Owner of Open Door Coaching. As a nurse Caron has worked extensively in organ donation, critical care, health coaching and addiction, eventually following her passion and becoming certified in End of Life and Grief Coaching.

Caron was introduced to grief 40+ years ago when her grandmother, mother and dog all died within a 5 month period.  At 13 years old she was catapulted onto a long, winding, painful path of self-destruction while trying to relocate any kind of “normal”. Over many years of traditional and non-traditional methods of grief work, and healing she found herself being drawn to work with people at end-of-life and grief, needing to create a space where people can explore and experience their grief at the level of where they are - whether grieving a death, divorce, job loss, illness or any other life transition.

Please join Caron for an informal monthly support group for anyone navigating grief in any form.